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Jira Cloud

You can connect your Jira Cloud account to create Jira issues directly from Cyscale. This is a one-time process and supports both Jira Software and Jira Service Management (previously known as Jira Service Desk).

You can connect your Jira account from Organization → Notification Channels → Add Jira. Alternatively, you can initiate this process by pressing Connect Jira on an alert. This process relies on the Jira account you are currently signed in. After you fill in the required fields, you will be redirected to the authorization page:

Cyscale requires permission to read and update (create, add comments) Jira issues.

After pressing Accept, you will be redirected back to Cyscale, where you will configure the project and the issue type. Cyscale allows you to configure the issue type (e.g., bug, task, story) based on the project you select.

You can now create Jira issues by pressing the Create Jira Issue on a specific alert. Once you create an issue for an alert, you have the option to open it in Jira. The create issue will look like the following example:

Resolved Alerts

When Cyscale resolves an alert for you (e.g., if the misconfiguration has been addressed or the corresponding asset deleted), it will add the following comment to the corresponding Jira issue: “This alert has been resolved in Cyscale.” The author will be the user that connected the Jira account.

Status Updates

You can use Jira automation to update the status of the issue or perform other actions using the comment as a trigger.